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What is 'Building the Path' eBook?

It's a 5 Step Process where we go from scratch to first ensure that we are doing what we love to do and then creating a base on Instagram, finding clients and then eventually building a system that makes us money 24/7 allowing us to reach a broader audience and spread our message to the world. The 5 Steps are: -
  • Step 1: Finding our interests and ensure that we are doing what we love to do. How would it feel to get paid for something you love to do for the rest of your life?
  • Step 2: Setting goals and having a bigger picture. Having a Vision. A Vision that brings in a change in the world. That makes a difference. That makes YOU different.
  • Step 3: Creating a Social Media Presence. This is where people start getting to know us as we build a brand on social media.
  • ​Step 4: Get Clients. We start getting some clients by using a proven method that brings us clients and eventually testimonials.
  • ​Step 5: Building Sales Funnels. Sales funnels will allow you to scale your business to the next level and also get your message out to masses. In this eBook, you get to know about a SECRET Funnel not many are using.

What if we add something MORE to the eBook?

When I started more than a year ago, I always thought that 'is there any kind of worksheet or questionnaire I could just answer to get through? I wanted someone to just get me a process that I could follow. Since I went through it, I know how frustrated it feels. So, I brought to you some questionnaires in form of resources which you get for FREE with this eBook:
  • ​Chapter 2: Find your End Goal
  • ​Chapter 3: Identify Your Niche & Audience
  • Chapter 4: Set Annual & Monthly Goals 
  • Chapter 7: Which Social Media is For YOU?
  • ​Chapter 13: Blueprint to go from 0-1000 Followers on Instagram
  • ​Chapter 14: Instagram Growth Hacks (All you need to know)
  • ​Chapter 25-28: Secret Funnel Building Process
Nobody focuses on Us until we
get the results!!
We believe in something and we want to go with something that we love to do. But our parents, friends or any other person doesn't believe in us until we start proving it to them.

There was an amazing incident that I wanted to share with you. Earlier when I started with the 'ONLINE' thing, I went in with Instagram itself. All the fancy stuff were being flashed on social media on how they are earning thousands of dollars through an Instagram account. And as anyone would do by seeing this, I joined in their courses by borrowing some money from my father. $7 was the price and I lost it all. Everything discussed in that course, I already knew about it by going to YouTube. Another time I was scammed for another $30 on another 'copy and paste' online job.

I incurred the second loss. I used to make content post for big Instagram accounts for $0.5 per post and earned about $20 a month or sometimes it would go really high. And in the very first month I made 90 posts for a person and made about $40 as my first ever income. I spend 2 days spending about 20 hours doing this and got scammed in just 5 minutes where I lost most of it. I couldn't do anything and it felt terrible to have lost the hard earned money. From that day, I made a pact with myself that even if I couldn't change them, at least I won't be scamming anyone ever in my life as I know how it feels to lose money.

Just before all of this, I used to tell everyone that I am into Instagram business and nobody used to believe me. I had this big vision of being successful and speaking in front of thousands of people. But nobody used to believe in this. I never said my parents what I was doing. But the day I came in with my first $40 and told this to my father, he was so happy for me, however he thought it could be a scam that I got into and it was so much trouble to make him understand everything. 

But the best part is, my parents accepted it when they saw the 'RESULT' I brought.
But There's Was yet Another...
...trouble I was going to be introduced to
As I started the Instagram game, on November 2019 I started a page. I decided to give it all. I made a pact that I will be making content for this page DAILY. No matter how tough the time comes by, I have to post daily. For the next 8 months straight, I posted content DAILY. And that content post was not a single image, but a carousel. Carousels are a series of slides post on Instagram. This is when I was introduced to a new niche (interest) i.e. designing.

I was so into designing that I changed my journey completely into designing. I converted my business page into my personal page and started attracting audience that love designing and want to learn how to design. I did teach some of them and did design carousels for my clients as well.

I grew my audience from 1 (which was my account itself) follower to 12,500+ followers in this 8 months. BUT something strange happened and my account started crashing, the reach went to 0.5% of my audience. And finally, after getting burnouts for more than 2 weeks, I decided to bring this account down and start a NEW one. I was broken for a while to 'accept' the fact that the account with which I achieved my goal, I had to leave that account behind along with my 8 months of efforts and struggle that I put into it.
Then, I just started observing different so called INFLUENCERS in my industry
I noticed that most of them were using something called FUNNELS to earn significant amounts of income for their business. NO matter what field they were in, they could use it.

The problem was, nobody talked about it upfront and kept it as a secret to their success. I was curious to know 'WHY' and I found that FUNNELS was the secret to SUCCESS of hundreds of ENTREPRENEURS as not just a way to earn money but to let their words reach millions.

This is when I went on a journey to find out my PATH to where I wanted to be. I was curious to get an answer to this question, 'Isn't there a simple process that I just have to follow to achieve what I want?' I searched everywhere but never was able to find that 'path' that could be followed. I surely couldn't afford a mentor paying them $997 per month.
It was then I found...
... 'Building the path' is what's needed. As a normal person with just a VISION in my mind, I struggled with the 'process' that I could simply follow
Therefore, I spent the next 3-4 months in framing the process in terms of a step-by-step guide that anyone could follow. From all the experience I got, I made a 4 step process where we find out what we love to do, set some goals, create a social media base and then start getting some high paying clients doing what we love to do. 

Then I started observing  different Influencers and saw one thing which was common to all, i.e. funnels. Fortunately, I was into funnels for over 6 months by then. So, I added the 5th step where we can create an asset that would make us money even when we sleep. And this asset, is the FUNNEL.

Therefore, I framed these 5 steps process, and named it 'Building the Path'. This became my message and a help to all those who want to build their paths towards financial freedom doing what they love to do.
I am Muzahid, (Digimuz)
I have spent more than 8 months creating and testing the exact process. On my way I could successfully build paths for 3 of my clients who are now able to reach masses and send their message out.

There are 5 of the cresigners who are half way through building their paths and are on their way to bring in SUCCESS.

Now that I am on my final step to pass on the knowledge I have gained for over a year, I want to reach out to you and show the exact methods, strategies, mistakes that I made that costed me months and help you 'Build your path'

No matter what your interests are - let it be singing, dancing, music, gaming, football, business, sales, marketing, Instagram growth, designing, or even poultry, Building YOUR Path is possible by Mastering these 5 steps.
How would it feel to NOT get Scammed anymore? What if you could do what you love to do and still make a 1% Club LIVING out of it?
Would you want to be in your late 20s and get retired? How would you feel to bring in a difference in the WORLD that only ENTREPRENEURS can make happen?

Sitting in front of the beach in the other side of the world, how would it feel to never worry about MONEY anymore? 

It doesn't matter if people believe the idea you have or not, always believe in your VISION and YOURSELF. 

What if by following these 5 steps, you'll be able to get your message out? What if my experience for over a year could at least save a YEAR which is priceless? 

I know how it feels to be scammed, and I won't ever let this happen to anyone else. I will give in everything to make it possible for all of you no matter what field you're in. YOU can 'BUILD YOUR PATH'
This is the reason I bring to you....
'building the path' bUNDLE!!!
'Building the Path' eBook includes the Step-by-Step guide on implementing all the 5 steps with exact process. 30 Chapters - 30 Days to get an asset (Secret funnel) for 'What you love to do'. You get 5 MORE BONUSES to help you ACHIEVE your GOALS.
Here Is What you Get...
'Building the Path' Master eBook
A complete guide on how you can implement 'Building the Path' Concept in what you love to do. This is a whole 'PRACTICAL' eBook where we FOCUS more on covering the practical part so that you get the work done while you're reading the book.

Get 'ONE FUNNEL' of your own 'which not many people even know about' right after reading this eBook.
NOT just an AWESOME eBook, but you also get Instant ACCESS to the following EXCLUSIVE BONUSES for FREE..
Bonus #1 - The BIG 7 Resources
'Designed for Specific Purposes to help you get answers while you Build YOUR Path'

Total Value: $47.00

  • These are 7 Questionnaires designed to solve the respective problems.
  • ​Just answering these questions will take most of the obstacles in the eBook down and help you keep moving through.
  • All the resources are already present in the eBook in the respective places where you may need help with the respective resource. FUN, right?
  • ​Download all the resources at once in one place
Bonus #2 - Case Study
"How you can apply 'Building the Path' in Cooking Niche"

Total Value: $97.00

  • Step by Step Explanation on how you can apply all the steps of ‘building the path’ in cooking niche.
  • ​How I would apply everything inside the eBook in Cooking, how to set goals, how do I grow my Instagram Account, get clients, and finally make a funnel in Cooking Niche itself.
  • If you’re in Cooking Niche, I have everything figured out for you, all you need to do is just apply.
  • By reading the whole BONUS, you’ll be knowing how you can apply the lesson in your business/interests. It’s the practical implementation of the eBook.
Bonus #3 - Money Making Secrets
"33 Ways To Make Money
On Instagram"

Total Value: $197.00

  • After spending more than a year and applying more than 20 ways of earning money with Instagram, I have laid down all possible ways you can earn money on Instagram.
  • Even if you're just starting, there are more than 10 ways in this which you can apply without growing accounts
  • All the Money-Making Secrets + Earning Potential for each method Revealed.
  • ​ONE ULTIMATE BONUS Method (#34) to combine some of the best of the 33 ways discussed to get the investments up for investing inside of the funnel
Bonus #4 - Secret Funnel 1.0
"A Pre-Made Funnel To Help You Kick Start Your Business"

Total Value: $157.00

  • At the end of the eBook, you'll get to know one secret funnel with which you can start your journey. This is a 1 Hour Long walk-through video of how you can make the Secret Funnel in your specific niche
  • Get access to the Pre-made Secret Funnel (Direct Access Link to the Funnel) that I made for you to just change the text and add your product
  • Technical Walk-through explaining how you can add products, and make the best out of the Funnel (that’s already done for you)
Bonus #5 - Instagram Traffic Secrets
"How To Get FREE Instagram Traffic Into Your Funnel You Just Created"

Total Value: $67.00

  • After building your Funnel, you'll need to send people inside of the Funnel, this will show you how you can get FREE traffic from Instagram into your Funnel
  • 5 Pages Cheat Sheet for 5 Ways to Drive FREE Traffic to Your Funnel
  • Guide on how you can apply it in your niche
  • ​1st Method is a blueprint that most successful entrepreneurs use to drive TONS of FREE Traffic to their funnels 
All the BONUSES are designed to help you through Building your Path, everything you'd need to make it HAPPEN
This Offer won't Last Forever, You Can Only Get the Entire BUNDLE for Just $27 Right NOW
Are You Ready to Go All In?
I can say if i lost everything again, i can make it happen all over again, because this did happen with me
are you ready to make it happen?
With 'Building the Path' you'll not only be able to achieve success doing what you love to do, you'll be able to be able to build an asset i.e. the secret funnel in this case, which will open the doors to building something BIGGER with an asset supporting your finances. 

Having said this, I wanted to put a quote by Arnold Glasow -  “An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied.” - So, go ahead and take action while you still can make it happen right here.

Remember, you just have to build your path...

- Md Muzahid Khan (@Digimuz)
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase The BUNDLE Right Away!
  •  Building the Path eBook ($67 Value)
  •  BONUS #1 - The BIG 7 Questionnaires ($47 Value)
  •  BONUS #2 - Case Study (With Pre-Solved for eBook) ($97 Value)
  •  BONUS #3 - 33 IG MONEY Making Secrets ($197 Value)
  •  BONUS #4  - Secret Funnel Building Walk-through Video($157 Value)
  •  BONUS #5 - IG Traffic Secrets ($67 Value)
Total Value: $632
But today, you're getting all of this...
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